Wednesday, October 20, 2010


EDIT (27/10/10): Forgot to mention, this post is out of chronological order. I was in Czech Republic from August 31 to September 3, just after Berlin (which is soon to be posted also!).

Oh... poor Prague. Sadly it must bear the brunt of a change in mindset for me. Sorry, but I can't help the way I feel. For those reading, please don't let my experience sway you if you were thinking about going...

For me, Prague mostly sucked.

It started off bad with a run-in with a couple of dodgy train inspectors just a few hours into my time there, continued with a dance with death and whilst there were a couple of funny things to hear, the highlight of Prague for me was leaving!

Actually no, that's a bit harsh. It really is a very pretty city, with lots to see and I am sure, plenty to do.

I spent most of my time though, just wandering around and taking some pretty cool photos. I did a walking tour also, and whilst it was well done and interesting, Prague was the city in which I decided that I had enough of big cities. Having already visited London, Paris, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bruges, Amsterdam and Berlin before hand, seeing yet another big church, another town square, another big city limit wall, another famous statue, another big monument, and hearing yet another story about the war really just tipped me over the edge.

My loss though I think. Go and decide for yourself!!

One good thing is that lil KMR finally made an appearance. Here's some photos of him and around the city itself:









These last two are from Cesky Krumlov, an awesome little town in the south of Czech Republic where I stopped for an afternoon. Really cute little place.. I wish I had more time there..



Check the rest out here.

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