Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's a question of music_

I realised today that, subconsciously, in the lead up to my trip and at nearly every hostel I go to I've asked a bunch of people their taste in music, in somewhat of a selfish search of new music for me to listen to. Having already gotten same great tips of good bands, and downloaded most already, I've found I get a great buzz out of listening to the awesome and incredibly diverse range of new tunes, and taking the time also to recall who it was that suggested it, and in which location in the world it was suggested. I know it's not a new concept, yet still it amazes me how music can trigger such strong memories and sometimes emotional responses... I've been recommended everything from Reggae to Country, to Armenian Classical music and beyond... all so incredibly different, yet equally strong in the impact it's able to have on me.

In a slightly less selfish act, I figured it would be nice to share it with anyone who cares to be reading my blog. So as follows is a list of new music that has been suggested to me (and by whom in what location) in my travels so far, that I can recall. I'll try and post each time I get a new suggestion... If you're looking to add to your collection of tunes too, then please use these as some ideas for doing exactly that. This way, you may get a sense of the style of people I am meeting, the atmosphere and general feeling of my trip and the bands will get some support too!

  • Fat Freddy's Drop (Paris [yes, is her real name] in Edinburgh)
  • The XX (Paris)
  • The Bloody Beetroots (CJ in Sydney)
  • Jez Mead (Steph in Sydney)
  • Friendly Fires (Steph)
  • Boy & Bear (Steph)
  • Josh Pyke (Steph)
  • Joshua Radin (Jamie in Croatia)
  • Rouben Hakhverdian (Jamie)

  • Oren Lavie (Marine in Crete)
  • Kyo (Marine)
  • The National (Tom in Crete)
  • The Flaming Lips (Tom)
  • Miike Snow (B in Crete)
  • Amos Lee (B)
  • Morphine (Christoph in Crete)

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