Saturday, July 31, 2010

Take Two_

So, although Brighton itself was fun, it was more a learning experience for me with my travels.. I had FAR too much stuff with me so decided to drop Cornwall off the list, swallow my pride, and head north back via London to dump some stuff as I passed through. Smart move.. I'm back on the road today and now feel SO much better...




In fact, I made it 300 kays north west and to Derby today.. not much here, but have travelled through some gorgeous towns. In particular Rothwell was beautiful.

No photos though as I had packed my cameras too deeply away! oops.. I'm learning lots as I go!!

It wasn't all smooth sailing this morning though nor this afternoon for that matter, I had a bloody check engine light come on the bike.. painful! I actually happened to pass a motorbike mechanic as left, so stopped and he checked it all out for me. All clear, and OK for now.. plus iI pushed on probably a little later than I should have and ended up nearly running out of petrol, and staying in a B&B which although nice, was right out of my budget!! Oops.. more learning..

Off to the Lakes District tomorrow..

More photos here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I had a few fantastic days in London after getting back from Paris, just hanging out with the crew and more preparation. Then FINALLY hit the road today.. took much longer than planned to pack up the bike, and of course I have too much stuff so need to think about what to do with that! Was SO good to actually get on the road though - it's been such a long time coming and it all started at 2:27pm today, Thursday, July 29th!! I have 8,364 miles on the dial at the moment.. let's see where that ends up...




Arrived in Brighton a bit later than expected too so didn't get to do much tonight. I really wanted to, but am so exhausted physically and mentally after a 6:30am start today to try and get going by 10 - so have decided a quiet night in is a good idea...

Oh, and I'm very happy with the bike and in particular it's handling at speed with a load on. I think I need a windscreen though - I had one put on but it actually made the wind worse so had them take it off straight away. I'll see how it goes without it and figure it out when I get back to London probably, which I am aiming to do for August 28th, the day before Carnivale starts which is amazing apparently!

I'm looking forward to getting into a rhythm that works for me so I can get packed and unpacked super fast.. today it took me so long just to get the bags off the back of the  bike.. annoying and time wasting.. I'll get there though.

I think sleep is a good idea now.. night all!

Monday, July 26, 2010


So excited today!! I'm off to France!! Paris no less... on the Eurostar, not the bike just yet. Can't wait to get around and see the place, and then catch up with Chris and Lauren (the besties) to crash the last weekend of their French honeymoon and see some sights, and especially watch the last day of le Tour de France 2010!

After a number of American Tourist encounters on the way and a slightly longer walk to the hostel than expected, I finally made it to Paris to chill! Love it already. It has such a cool vibe here. And all the stereotypes are SO true! Dog poo on footpath, tick. Gorgeous french women, tick. Crazy drivers, tick. Bicycles everywhere, tick. Baguettes everywhere, tick. Everyone smoking, tick. Gorgeous french women on scooters, smoking, holding a baguette and driving crazily....... TICK!! I think I'm in love.










Did a whole bunch of touristy things on the first couple of days (including the Catacombs, a definite recommendation!), then went to le Tour on Sunday which was so cool. We even managed to Frenchy talk our way into the grandstand near the finish line, and then into the official team area! Got some fantastic shots there!





My two favourite areas in Paris were St Germain and Montemartre. SO absolutely beautiful, and seemingly far more "French" than some of the more mainstream/toursty areas. I even ordered my lunch completely in French in Montemartre!





I look forward to coming back here!

See some more photos here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Got my bike!!_

Having an awesome time in London town, just getting around and seeing a few bits and pieces.. test riding bikes etc. We even had ourselves a genuine Aussie BBQ! Also, went to the Tate Modern which was just incredible. Such an amazing and inspiring place! Definitely want to go back.

Oh, and of course.. the big news.. after a day out test riding, I bought my bike!! Woohoo.. was SO amazing to get back out on the road with the wind in my face. I hadn't been on a bike in 6 or 8 weeks since I sold Ivanka, so the feeling was good.

I ended up choosing a gorgeous 2008 Bonneville T100, fuel injected, 900cc machine. Check her out below:

And her proud new owner - I feel like a new Dad!!

Yep, that's my name on the wall. picked her up today!! Woohoo!(note to self: avoid London traffic at all costs.. ew!)

Now it's head down ass up and getting on the road!! Oh, I have a trip to Paris between now and then though... tough life!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


"SIR ALEXANDER FLEMING 1881-1955 discovered Penicillin in the second storey room above this plaque."



This, just opposite my local pub near Mic's place. I reckon that's cool!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear Diary_

The 10 days or so between getting home to Sydney from Japan and Thailand, and leaving for Singapore and Europe was an absolute whirlwind. Tiring mentally, emotionally, and physically - but the day I left Sydney was a gorgeous cool, calm, crisp Sydney winter's morning. Made better only by Vegemite toast and a good coffee before leaving. What better way to go! And whilst Singapore was hot and stinky and sweaty and yuck weather wise, the real trip started this week when I arrived in London town.. it was a glorious summers day, 29ÂșC, and barely a cloud in the sky. I don't know why everyone complains about the weather here.. I even got sunburnt!!! Best way to start a trip ever!!

Most of my time spent in London will be planning more of the trip, looking for and buying my bike and other gear I'll need, and getting on the road. All with a healthy dose of tourist activity, and no doubt a less healthy dose of booze thrown in!

I'm staying with Marika and her flatmates who are all awesome and they have a great place in Paddington which is close to everything. Thanks guys (Megan, Sarah, Andrew and of course Marika) so much for having me!!!

I'm off tomorrow to test tide some bikes at the nearest Triumph dealership.. there's a couple there that I am tossing up between, so it'll be good to ride them all back to back.

I've decided I definitely need a bike with more character than practicality.. so off the list are the BMW enduro style bikes.. and on the list are a Triumph Bonneville, and a Ducati GT1000... those will be test ridden tomorrow.

Here's some pics of my time in London:


The Mews where I stayed:IMG_0004




And more here.