Saturday, July 31, 2010

Take Two_

So, although Brighton itself was fun, it was more a learning experience for me with my travels.. I had FAR too much stuff with me so decided to drop Cornwall off the list, swallow my pride, and head north back via London to dump some stuff as I passed through. Smart move.. I'm back on the road today and now feel SO much better...




In fact, I made it 300 kays north west and to Derby today.. not much here, but have travelled through some gorgeous towns. In particular Rothwell was beautiful.

No photos though as I had packed my cameras too deeply away! oops.. I'm learning lots as I go!!

It wasn't all smooth sailing this morning though nor this afternoon for that matter, I had a bloody check engine light come on the bike.. painful! I actually happened to pass a motorbike mechanic as left, so stopped and he checked it all out for me. All clear, and OK for now.. plus iI pushed on probably a little later than I should have and ended up nearly running out of petrol, and staying in a B&B which although nice, was right out of my budget!! Oops.. more learning..

Off to the Lakes District tomorrow..

More photos here.

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