Thursday, July 29, 2010


I had a few fantastic days in London after getting back from Paris, just hanging out with the crew and more preparation. Then FINALLY hit the road today.. took much longer than planned to pack up the bike, and of course I have too much stuff so need to think about what to do with that! Was SO good to actually get on the road though - it's been such a long time coming and it all started at 2:27pm today, Thursday, July 29th!! I have 8,364 miles on the dial at the moment.. let's see where that ends up...




Arrived in Brighton a bit later than expected too so didn't get to do much tonight. I really wanted to, but am so exhausted physically and mentally after a 6:30am start today to try and get going by 10 - so have decided a quiet night in is a good idea...

Oh, and I'm very happy with the bike and in particular it's handling at speed with a load on. I think I need a windscreen though - I had one put on but it actually made the wind worse so had them take it off straight away. I'll see how it goes without it and figure it out when I get back to London probably, which I am aiming to do for August 28th, the day before Carnivale starts which is amazing apparently!

I'm looking forward to getting into a rhythm that works for me so I can get packed and unpacked super fast.. today it took me so long just to get the bags off the back of the  bike.. annoying and time wasting.. I'll get there though.

I think sleep is a good idea now.. night all!

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