Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear Diary_

The 10 days or so between getting home to Sydney from Japan and Thailand, and leaving for Singapore and Europe was an absolute whirlwind. Tiring mentally, emotionally, and physically - but the day I left Sydney was a gorgeous cool, calm, crisp Sydney winter's morning. Made better only by Vegemite toast and a good coffee before leaving. What better way to go! And whilst Singapore was hot and stinky and sweaty and yuck weather wise, the real trip started this week when I arrived in London town.. it was a glorious summers day, 29ÂșC, and barely a cloud in the sky. I don't know why everyone complains about the weather here.. I even got sunburnt!!! Best way to start a trip ever!!

Most of my time spent in London will be planning more of the trip, looking for and buying my bike and other gear I'll need, and getting on the road. All with a healthy dose of tourist activity, and no doubt a less healthy dose of booze thrown in!

I'm staying with Marika and her flatmates who are all awesome and they have a great place in Paddington which is close to everything. Thanks guys (Megan, Sarah, Andrew and of course Marika) so much for having me!!!

I'm off tomorrow to test tide some bikes at the nearest Triumph dealership.. there's a couple there that I am tossing up between, so it'll be good to ride them all back to back.

I've decided I definitely need a bike with more character than practicality.. so off the list are the BMW enduro style bikes.. and on the list are a Triumph Bonneville, and a Ducati GT1000... those will be test ridden tomorrow.

Here's some pics of my time in London:


The Mews where I stayed:IMG_0004




And more here.

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