Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well.. not much to tell really. My flight to London was via Singapore so I decided to tick the box and spend some time here just to say "I've done it..". Well, I've done it. Not much to tell really. It's a pleasant enough place to visit, but really for my money, not worth the 4 days I spent here - maybe 2 days would be enough? Three points to share.. Singapore is:

  1. Wet - like, really wet,
  2. Humid,
  3. Tiny! You can walk end to end it seems, in a day..

Check out some pics if you like (the rest are here):

1 - Me in Chinatown (I love that every city has it's very own...)



2 - Now that's rain!



3 - My lil buddy KMR wearing his new hat.. (yep, got bored...)


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