Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Travelling presents so many bittersweet moments.. most - if not all, upon reflection - to do with people.

It starts with the bittersweet moment of quitting a job you truly enjoy, working with people you love.

It continues with the goodbyes with family and friends both at and before the final departure at the airport.

It progresses then to the moment you meet, and have to farewell, your first true "friend" on your travels.

This soon becomes bearable as you realise you will meet more friends... But is then ever so quickly replaced by, and perhaps crescendos at, the moment you have an experience at a place or with a particular person, that you know can and will never be repeated, that just... gets under your skin.

Only the fact that you know life and travels must go on and that there are more experiences awaiting, keeps the faint sweet taste on the back of your tongue, staving off the bitterness that lingers...

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