Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's an omission of music_

There appears to have been an omission in my post It's a question of music_. For this, I apologise.

My post talks about learning of new music from people I meet on my travels and in my life in general, and the affect it's able to have in terms of triggering emotions and becoming a marker in time of a person, place, event or thing.

Amongst several, I mentioned a few bands that Steph in Sydney recommended, a couple from Marine in Crete, and even two from Paris in Edinburgh (confusing I know)! The omission however, was of a band named Vampire Weekend - recommended to me by Beth, ex Sydney, now RADelaide.

I suppose the omission could be viewed in two lights:

  1. The music had little or no impact on me, and/or
  2. The recommender herself had the same little or no impact.

If viewed in this way, regardless of how the subject is lit, it's easy to see how the omission would be made - it simply didn't register on the musical radar when it came to the crunch.

But, alas, no. Viewing in either light casts an ugly shadow of untruth.

The fact of the matter is quite simply that both Beth and Vampire Weekend are just part of my life now. Ingrained such, that when it comes to racking my brain for outliers, they don't show.. they are part of my brain. Part of me. Part of my soul.

Perhaps this is the ultimate. Yes, this is the ultimate.

So - when does the switch flick from an outlier, to an integral component of what only I know as Me?

Who cares! All I know is that VW and BB will be a part of Me forever, and damn that makes me happy! ☺

PS - did you hear the news about Blake?

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