Thursday, September 2, 2010


So... of course you've not heard of this place. Neither had I, and I could barely remember what it was called when I got lost and had to find it again... Hamlen, Hamlet, Hammel, Hammer... ah yes, Hameln.

It's just abut 30kms south of Hannover, and I decided to camp here and just chill out for a couple of days and rest. Recharge the batteries, and save some cash. When I located my little camping ground I thought I'd take a quick circle to see what it was like and if there was somewhere decent to camp. BAD IDEA. I finished my loop with a couple of old crazy Germans chasing me to an abrupt halt at the reception area! I have no idea what they were saying, but they weren't at all happy about me riding through their camping ground without having first checked in. All was well though when I took my helmet off and apologised profusely in German and then tried to explain that I wanted to camp for the night by giving my best teepee impersonation. It must have worked because I got myself a good little spot to camp, a couple of toothless smiles, and even a restaurant recommendation for the night! Sure, it was the one attached to the reception, but it was nice all the same!

I recharged the batteries, did some domestics, and explored a little... beautiful country side... I have seen pictures like it in books!!






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