Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greece > Crete > Plakias > Wolf's house_

Having an awesome time here in Plakias, on the southern side of the Greek Island of Crete.. the weather is perfect, and the hostel and all it's other guests are really good value.. and most of them regulars for sometimes 25+ years!

There's been plenty of relaxing, plenty of eating, a little bit of drinking, a heap more relaxing, some activity... and then some more relaxing!




The first night I arrived, a little weirded out by the hippy feel of the place, and the abundance of older guests... that was soon forgotten though as a bunch of us were rounded up and taken out for dinner up the mountain to Myrthios... that finished at Joe's Bar (of course) at about 4am drinking $0.50 shots of Raki.

Then one of the days we went on a river walk up the mountain to Myrthios again - it was just myself and Thorsten, a crazy German guy who I get along well with, walking up through the otherwise deserted river!








Then last night after another day on the beach, we were invited to dinner at Wolf's house. Wolf is a German guy also who after a few visits to Crete and the hostel, decided to stay and has bought a house! It was such a cruisy and relaxing night, with a bunch of good people - a few German's, a Polish guy, me as the only Aussie (for a change), an Austrian, a girl from Norway, a guy from Belgium, and one pommy guy, Bernie. We all enjoyed some nice food, good drink, and the mood was topped off with Bernie playing guitar! Such a good fun, no expectations kind of night - perfect!



Today we're hiring mountain bikes for the day and getting around on those, and tonight there's a concert we might head off to... apparently it's a hitch hike away though, so should be interesting! Then I think just one more day of chilling out, enjoying the weather, and back on the boat to Athens on Friday night, so I can get my bike, and get back on the road - I miss it!! I just hope she hasn't ended up like this one......


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