Thursday, August 5, 2010


02/08/2010 2:00pm Had a great trip into Edinburgh. All of a sudden I figured I was in Scotland, but couldn't be certain as there was no obvious border or welcome sign!! I realised only when I filled up with petrol and couldn't understand a word the attendant spoke, that I was in fact now in Scotland!! The road up into here was amazing, the A7 from Galashiels to Edinburgh in particular, was gorgeous. The bike is going great, and I'm averaging a speed of about 40mph including stops, which I think isn't too bad given the time I have - it's a nice leisurely pace methinks - but the bloody check engine light on the bike came on again. Thankfully I bumped into a really nice local Scot at the bike parking who offered to tell me where the local Triumph service centre was... in fact, as luck would have it he was even going there right that moment so offered to show me the way which was great!

At the service centre the guys checked out the CEL and cleared it again for me, this time diagnosing a minor Air Pressure sensor switch problem, but that was fixed with a quick clean out at no charge! And while waiting, I met a couple of nice blokes who actually turned out to be Aussies, both Shire boys, and one even from Gymea Bay, where I grew up!! That was the fist taste of what I realised was a town full of Aussies! Most of the staff at the hostel were Aussies too! A popular spot obviously...

02/08/2010 8:00pm OK, so bike fixed and parked safely where it'll be for a few days... and decided I was a bit bored with my beard and thought perhaps I looked a little old with it so took it all off!! I even toyed with the idea of shaving my hair off too, but thought better of it. One change for now is enough! Frustratingly though, playing the same old game.. sitting on my own, and not really meeting anyone!!!




03/08/2010 7:00pm Oooh... struggling after a MASSIVE night out.. turns out I did meet some people and after a couple of beers and a few intros, we had ourselves a small posse!! This is better! Out til about 3 and absolutely hammered. Good times were had - we even danced! Today I went on a free walking tour of the city which was great. Very interesting and a good way to spend the day seeing stuff without having to think for yourself! Hung out with Dan and Paris, who I'd met the night before I think...




04/08/2010 5:00pm Same again last night, this time out til 4am. This is starting to hurt! Before we went out though, and really the beginning of it all, we went of a ghost tour through the dark alleys and some cemeteries of the city which was really interesting, but not exactly scary! Was a great night which was more spent hanging out and chatting than full on drinking.. and of course we decided it would be a good idea to watch Braveheart at the end of the night too! Hahaha, that didn't last long of course!






05/08/2010 11:00am Another late night last night, probably not really worth it, but nothing an IRN BRU (famous Scottish Energy drink) couldn't help with. It's time for me to move on from here, on the road today! I promise I'll camp tonight... Oh, have also decided it's time for me to head south for the summer. I'm going to give Ireland a miss for now (sorry Keelin and Colin!!). I just need some real sunny warm summer... It barely tops 20 here and it's SUMMER?!




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