Friday, August 6, 2010

Camping v1.0_

So.. camping huh.. who's idea was this? I FINALLY did it.. but...

When I arrived.. it was raining.

When I set up camp.. it was raining.

When I cooked dinner.. yup, you guessed it - raining.

And when I packed up camp the next morning.. uh huh - raining.

It rained the whole time aside from the few moments it took me to snap these photos when of course, it was a glorious day!!

A sadistic little part of me still enjoyed it all though.. and as much as I've enjoyed having a bed and an actual roof over my head the few nights I've slept since camping, I think I will go back to it.. it has a strange allure. I think I just need to be better prepared next time.





Camping, I think you and I will get on just fine - let's just take things slowly, k?

1 comment:

Karen said...

getting rained on has its allure? u need to get ur head examined lol