Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's been a little dry lately..._ more ways than one! Just got out of a few days in the Sahara, and have finally made it to the Moroccan coastline which is awesome! And unbeknown to me, one of the more popular surf spots in the world I am told. Staying in a small town 20kms north of Agadir and keen to just chill out for a week or so, and enjoy the warm(er) weather... it's about 20ºC during the day here, but last night on the way from the Sahara, we got down as low as -4ºC, so it's not *all* ice creams and Pina Coladas! In fact, it's no Pina Coladas at all, it's a dry town! Meaning, yep, no alcohol at all - it's actually outlawed here - so not a single drop! Will probably be good for me!

We had a pretty crazy time in the Sahara, and in Fez beforehand, which I'll write up soon.. for now though, apologies for the dry blog, but I'll be back to it this week, I promise!!

Here's a couple of photos to keep you entertained in the interim... in the Sahara...


Sahara, Morocco - 154

Sahara, Morocco - 134

Sahara, Morocco - 166

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