Wednesday, May 18, 2011


OK, sorry I haven't posted for a while, been SO busy and having lots and lots of fun!! Don't really have time now either, but want to give a quick run down of where I have been, and my plans!

Arrived in London in late March... then:

  • Malmo - Sweden
  • Copenhagen - Denmark
  • Oslo, Bergen and Flam - Norway
  • Gdansk and Krakow - Poland
  • Milan, Bologna (to collect my bike!), Cinque Terre - Italy
  • Innsbruck and Vienna - Austria
  • Wonneberg - Germany
  • Budapest - Hungary
  • Novia Sad and Belgrade - Serbia

I will be in Serbia for the next few days and then next on the list is:

  • Sofia and somewhere in the mountains for horse riding - Bulgaria
  • Istanbul for my 30th birthday - Turkey
  • Greece for some sunshine and relaxing mostly in Crete
  • Fly to Sweden for Midsummer festivities in Malmo, and a couple of days in Stockholm
  • Fly back to Greece then back on the bike to Macedonia
  • Back to Novi Sad for Exit Festival 2011

The key plan after this point is to get to France to see some of the Tour de France 2011 as well as simply tour the countryside for a couple of weeks before I have to head back to the UK, find a new owner for my bike, then head back to Australia in late August...

SO crazy busy, but loving every last bit of it!!

Will post pics and more ASAP..

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