Thursday, May 5, 2011

Italy Part III - Rome_

I arrived in Rome pretty quickly - the motorways in Italy are really good and easy to navigate - and met with Marine around midday. From that time til pretty much the time I left, my journal is empty... always a good sign of having fun!

Rome was awesome, and we had so much fun just wandering and eating and visiting some of the most amazing man-made things I have seen on my trip. All these things I had heard and read about really were incredible! The scale of things here really just blew me away - everything is either so old, or so big, or just plain impressive!

My favourite was having a picnic out the front of the Colosseum, but most things are beyond words... so let's just tell the story in photos!

Roma, Italy - 13

Roma, Italy - 16

Roma, Italy - 19

Roma, Italy - 21

Roma, Italy - 23

Roma, Italy - 26

Roma, Italy - 42

Roma, Italy - 44

Roma, Italy - 49

Roma, Italy - 63

Roma, Italy - 66

Roma, Italy - 72

Roma, Italy - 76

Roma, Italy - 79


Next stop, Florence!!

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