Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heading back to Europe in just a few days_

So thought I would post a rough idea of the itinerary I intend to follow.. until I get to Bologna, I'll travelling the "normal" backpackers way with buses and trains etc.. once I get my bike though, I'm back on the road all the way til the UK in August!!




Clark said...

I love this! We really liked Riga. Tallinn is a little touristy, but still nice. One of the better preserved Medieval old towns. Zero days in Croatia? Not even one day at Hostel Adria?!

Ads said...

hahha.. thanks for the pick up mate.. I have it on there as a zero cos I want to go there.. but don't know if I will have the time..

so many places I'd love to get back to see and see again, but so many I haven't seen that I would be bummed to miss.. it's a matter of finding that balance, you know how it is!!!